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Forklift Training Northampton

Did you know that Forklift injuries cause around 85 fatalities and 35,000 serious injury accidents a year? Forklift training in Northampton is imperative, and not only that, but it is required by law. According to the Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974, and Regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), every employer must ensure that all persons who use forklift trucks, as well as those that supervise them, have received adequate training.


This is where we come in. At Trickie Forklift Training, we will make sure that everyone who chooses to undergo Forklift training in Northampton will effectively learn the art of forklift driving, which will mean you have a more productive workforce and will dramatically decrease the risk of accidents at your premises.


Whether you are based in Northampton or the surrounding areas, we will come to carry out your Forklift Training on your premises so that you or your employees are training in a familiar environment. This means that we can train them in every area of Forklift training they need to know, whether it’s Reach Forklift Training, very narrow aisle Forklift training, Bendi Forklift training, or pedestrian powered pallet truck training. If there is a focus on one area they need to do their job properly, we can make sure we give that the right amount of attention in the environment they will be working in every day. We will encounter real-life problems and train them on how to deal with them just as they would every day. 


Forklift operator error and accidents occur all the time in Northampton, and they also cost time and money, and worse than that, they can result in injury or even death. However, numerous studies have indicated that many forklift accidents can be prevented with proper forklift training. This is another reason why forklift training is an absolute must for anyone in your business who needs to operate a Forklift.


If you are looking to receive forklift training in Northampton, then we will not only teach you the basic controls of operating a forklift, but we will also teach you how to identify malfunctions so that these can then be appropriately addressed and the risk of accidents due to forklift malfunction will be reduced.


Counterbalance Forklift training is an essential part of the training as one of the most common, dangerous, and deadly forklift operator accidents is when a forklift tips over. We train Counterbalance Forklift training and include education on how the basics of the forklift work and the physics involved. Your employees will know all about basic forklift load management based on these principles.


Forklift training will not only lower the accident rates for your company, but many forklift drivers who have undergone our training can help your business to be as safe and efficient as possible in other ways too. When you book Forklift training in Northampton, your business will have more proficient workers, cleaner operations, greater productivity, less downtime, increased equipment life, and less property damage.

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