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A reach forklift truck is named because they can extend their mast forwards, allowing the forks to enter a racking system to pick up and deposit loads. The operator sits at right angles to the forks.

Reach trucks are a common sight in warehouses throughout the world. Their compact design delivers great manoeuvrability, making them the perfect choice where space is limited. Their low ground clearance and small wheels mean they are traditionally used inside a warehouse

Training on the safe and effective use of reach trucks is delivered on D1 3-8m lift

Each course involves three stages of testing:

  • A theory test – consisting of 25 questions
  • Pre-use inspection test
  • Practical skills test involving various manoeuvres completed in a safe manner
Refresher 1-3 Candidates 1 £180
Novice 1-3 Candidates 3-5
Experienced 1-3 Candidates 2-3
Conversion 1-3 Candidates 1-2
Course Content for Lift Truck Novice & Experienced Operator Course
The need to train & statutory requirements
Counterbalance Principles Rated Capacities – stability and instability
Operator Safety Code
Suitable safety films
Multi choice theory test
Practical Skill Instruction
Introduction to the machine
Control familiarisation
Daily checks/refuelling procedures
Battery charging & simple battery maintenance
Driving and steering procedures, (unladen & laden)
Load weight assessment
Load handling
Stacking / de-stacking procedures in Racking
Bulk stacking / de-stacking
Stacking / de-stacking cup post pallets
Handling awkward loads & vehicle loading / unloading
Pre-use check test
Practical skill test
SAFETY / REFRESHER – This practical course is designed for existing lift truck operators who can produce documentary evidence of previous training and testing. Lift truck operators are recommended to attend this course at 3-5 year intervals.
NOVICE TRAINING – Basic training is designed for trainees with little or no experience. It will fully cover the skills and knowledge needed to safely operate the type of lift truck and handling attachments the trainee will be required to use.
EXPERIENCED OPERATOR –This training is appropriate for trainees with prior experience in operating lift trucks i.e. for trainee/s who have lift truck experience but have had no formal training or documentation of proof of training.
CONVERSION TRAINING – For operators who have had full basic training on a rider operated lift truck (usually a counterbalance or reach, documentary evidence required) and is required to operate a truck of a different category, they can usually take a conversion course, rather than another full novice course to bridge the knowledge gap.

Facilities required

Firstly, and most importantly we need the use of your Reach forklift. Also, an area where we will not be disturbed, with ample space to carry out basic manoeuvres and testing. Pallets and realistic loads appropriate to your business are useful. For the theory lessons, we need sufficient space for the instructor and the trainees to work. A small office with a table, chairs and power will suffice.

All forklift operators are required to wear hi-visibility vests, safety boots and any other personal protective equipment as per the company’s internal risk assessments


We will accept your booking verbally, but it must be confirmed by either, a confirmation letter on your company headed paper or official purchase order.
These can either be posted or emailed. A minimum of 50% Non-refundable deposit is required prior to any booking made through us.

All prices are inclusive.


Fees to be paid prior to certificate’s being released
We accept payment from all major debit and credit cards.
Certificates will be dispatched on successful completion of the course.

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